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Erisilk Ahimsa HB03

Erisilk Ahimsa HB03
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Ahimsa silk (from Indian Ahimsa, literally the non-injury) describes an alternative outdoors silkworm breeding, in which the silk thread is reeled off the cocoon only after the pupa has been removed from the cocoon or the butterfly has hatched from it. The fluffy white Eri silk of the silkworm Samia cynthia ricini is also known as Ahimsa silk. The Eri silk spinner, like the mulberry silk spinner, is a completely domesticated silkworm. He lives in northeastern India and in some parts of China and Japan. The name Eri is derived from the Assamese word era, which stands for the miracle tree that is the food of the Eri silkworms. Eri silk is also known in India as Endi or Errandi.
With a barrel length of 650 m at 100 g, the yarn is particularly suitable for scarves, fine accessories and summer clothing - it is soft, but nonetheless has a good grip and therefore patterns can be knitted very well and in a good stitch pattern.

100% silk
Barrel length 650 m/ 100 g
Needle size 2.5 - 4.5

This Product was added to our catalogue on 05/04/2020.